• Import/export custom procedures
  • Loading and unloading, direct shipment to the airport
  • Container Yard
  • Shipping throughout Taiwan
  • Delivery throughout Taiwan
  • Door-to-door delivery and assembling
  • 24-hour temperature control
  • Reception registration and management
    Classify goods and sequence shipping according to their arrival time
    Lot number control
  • Shipping/Return operation
  • Collection for customer payment/Tagging/Coding
  • Semi-product completion,Selected Packaging
  • A FTP-Mail Server interface warehouse management system that takes on-line orders.
  • Real-time stock status on the Web,Shipping form image search
  • Account system,Sales analysis
  • Daily docket of goods flow,Daily report of reception/registration
  • Warehousing docket,Inventory docket,
    Daily docket of returned goods,Shipping troubles docket
  • Inventory docket,Inventory financial report