Address: 3/4F-3, 23 Minquan E. Rd, Sec 6, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 8792-1599
Fax: +886 2 8792-1589
Established : in 1982
Capital: NTD 100,000,000
  • Self-owned
  • 3rd to 4th floor of Mingquan Tianxia, about 1653 square meters (next to CTi TV Station)
  • In Neihu Replanned District (next to Carrefour¡¦s Neihu Branch). The logistics center is about 3967 square meters. The land is self-owned and the building was self-built, still under expansion and scheduled for use in mid 2008.
  • Unaffected by typhoons, flooding, and humid weather and is dry and cozy year round. Insured against fire and theft.
to Te Lien:

Te Line was established back in 1982, Te Lien has transformed from a traditional transportation company to a professional 3rd party logistic company. The orientation has shifted from operation to service & marketing and from providing transportation to a devotion to exploring and satisfying customers¡¦ needs. Backed by control of a complete inventory of shipping routes, warehousing logistics, and information system, the company not only able to provide custom logistic experience but also integrate the supply chain from upstream suppliers to downstream dealers, offering a comprehensive solution. Through fostered trust, cooperation, and mutual benefits, we develop long-term partnerships with our customers by offering good quality, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism. To achieve this end, we will continue to make progress and keep learning. We hope to be a professional logistics service provider that operates across the continents. Revolutionizing the conventional image of a sloppy, smoking, betel nut chewing guy, our drivers are clad in tidy and neat uniforms, delivering with a smile. Sticking to the concept of ¡§Go beyond the traditional and send across trust,¡¨ Te Lien is devoted to serving corporate customers. We have gained an expertise in handling corporate logistics and will continue to enhance our knowledge of the logistics needs in every individual industry so as to increase the efficiency and hold back the cost for our corporate customers using logistics expertise and service. We have the passion to provide a comprehensive solution to corporate customers¡¦ logistics needs and become the most trustworthy partner as a logistic provider.